Smarter Every Day

As you might have noticed, I love a good YouTube channel.  I stumbled across this video from Smarter Every Day recently, and it is a fantastic demonstration of how amazing (and complicated!) our brains are.  After watching this video I couldn’t help but want to try out the backwards bicycle.  How about you?

First Generation

Did you miss the Saturday Session this weekend?  Lucky for you, the film we watched is available for free online! And whether you made it to Saturday or not.. Share it with your parents.  Share it with your friends.  Share it with everyone!  This is important stuff!!

Wrinkle Your Brain

The Vsauce YouTube channel is a great spot to get some quick, random knowledge into your brain.  If you have a love for learning about science like I do, it’s definitely worth checking out.  With Halloween just over a week away, I thought this video on why things are creepy fit the season.  That teddy bear […]