This Week on Triogenius: Dive In To College!!

If you’re going away to college, and even if you are commuting from home….Some tips on getting started…

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This Week on Triogenius: How To Write a Scholarship Application Letter

In case you weren’t paying attention in English or Writing when you covered writing a proper letter, here is how to do it when sending in a college scholarship application: writing using Word, how to fold the envelope, and other pointers……


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This Week on Triogenius

Top Ten Best Study Tips

10. Don’t cram. It doesn’t help you remember, in fact it probably is the worst way to retain information. It’s much better to study every day.

9.  Take really really really really really really good notes. Use a tape recorder in class if it’s allowed (or get recorder app on your phone, and be discreet about it, or ask if it’s allowed). Go over your notes as soon as you can while the class is still fresh in your mind. You might not be able to make any sense of them an hour or two… or five… later.

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This Week on Triogenius

Do you follow the Triogenius blog (written by our own, Ellen Garner)?  Here’s today’s post!

You Think You Want To Be President?

We’re all seeing the assorted candidates for President. What’s involved in running for office?

In the United States Constitution, there are only three requirements:

  • You must have been born in the United States, or one of your parents was born in the U.S.
  • You must be 35 years of age
  • You must have lived in the U.S. for 14 years.

That’s it, as far as the Constitution is concerned. Technically, when people vote for a candidate, they are voting for the one who has the support of the Electoral College.

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