This Week on Triogenius: Goodwill: More Than Just Bargains

When you hear of a Goodwill store, what do you think? A place to donate your unwanted items? A place to find a bargain? It is…. but it’s a lot more. They provide education, job training, job search assistance, and other great stuff.




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How’d you get into that?!: Nurse

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Here we are again for another post in our series “How’d you get into that!?” This weeks entry I think will be of interest to some of you because I’ve heard many students express interest in this field. Nursing. This can be a difficult field to summarize because there are so many directions you can go and so many areas to specialize in.  But we can still look up some average numbers to get an idea. Back over with the Bureau of Labor Statistics they calculate that in 2014 the average annual income for Nurses was $71,450. This breaks down to $34.35 and hour. The career also has a positive outlook in terms of job growth as well. Between 2012-2022 it is estimated that the need for this career will grow by 19% or about 526,800 jobs, which is faster than average, when comparing to other careers. With this degree you will also receive a job quickly after graduation, Additional research from the American Association of Colleges in Nursing shows that 89% of new BSN graduates had secured employment in nursing 4-6 months after graduation.

There are  many schools that offer nursing programs such as Anoka Ramsey Community College, Metro State University, and St. Scholastica. But be prepared. If you are interested in having a career in this field you need start focusing on academics TODAY. With limited spots in these programs, they have to use your academic record (GPA, ACT, Types of Classes, College Essay) to base their admissions decision off of. So start planning now! Not to mention the school work that is required to receive this degree is challenging too. But as you will see throughout the interview, you can achieve it and the benefits of helping people and love for the job make it totally worth it!!

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How’d you get into that?!: Dental Hygienist

There are MANY directions someone can choose when pursuing a degree in the medical field. Surgeon, Pediatric Doctor or Nurse,  Registered Nurse, and many more.  I think a lot of people are drawn to these types of careers because they involve helping people, pay well, and are interesting topics to learn about. This is no exception for our next “How’d you get into that?!” career, Dental Hygienist. This is a great career option for any of you out there! In 2014 the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average annual income of a Dental Hygienist in Minnesota was $70,390 which breaks down to $33.84 per hour. That’s the AVERAGE, in California the average income per year is $94,370! That’s some serious cash , or as Doug would maybe say “That’s, like, 10,486 Chipotle Burritos!” Our interviewee is an Alumni of OUR Upward Bound program and even worked as a summer intern! Please welcome Paul Nguyen!

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How’d you get into that?!: Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

CourtneyWhen you sit back and think of it, your body is truly something amazing. Muscles, Liquids, and Bones make up this thing that you can move! Many people forget how intricate the body is and that it’s important to take care of. There are people who have dedicated their lives to helping people recognize this and helping them improve their lifestyle: Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, and Nutritionists. This can be a challenging, but satisfying, career because it can require some creativity and entrepreneurship.  Read More »

How’d you get into that?!: Stenographer

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How many of you have heard of a Stenographer? Anyone…Anyone… Well if you haven’t I bet you’ve seen them before in movies or if you’ve ever been in a court room! In the picture above is Britta Helland and she is a Stenographer, also known as a Court Reporter. This is a unique and often times undiscovered career that typically is only a two year degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2014, in Minnesota, the average annual earnings of a Court Reporter was $61,800, which is $29.71 per hour. It is also estimated that the field will grow by 10% by 2022. Britta is here to answer some questions that you might have about this career. Also, a fun fact is that Anoka Tech has a program right here if any of you want to explore this as an option!Read More »