Senior April Checklist

Seniors!  You only have two months left of high school.  Can you believe it?  I’m sure you’ve already have your “days left of school” countdown going for awhile now, but you’re not finished yet!  Here’s a checklist of things you’ll need to do to be ready to take the next step–college:Read More »


The Australian Approach to Paying for College

By now you probably have some idea about how students pay for college.  You also have probably heard about this scary four letter word:  debt.  Yes, almost every student in the United States will graduate with some form of debt.  In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal the average student debt for an American student graduating from college in 2015 is about $35,000.  That is a heck of a lot of money and leaves many students worried about just how they are going to be able to pay it back.  I know I don’t have that kind of money laying around, and I’m old!  But what if there was an easy way to deal with all that debt?Read More »

Free College? Tell Me More!

You probably have heard a lot about reducing student loan debt and even free college from politicians these days, but there is a new pilot program from MnSCU that is more than just talk.  The MnSCU Two-Year Occupational Grant Pilot Program offers eligible students funding to cover any remaining tuition and fees after applying the awarded Federal Pell Grants and MN State Grants.  This grant can be used for up to 72 credits for qualifying certificate, diploma, AS or AAS programs.  There isn’t an application process other than completing the FAFSA and enrolling for Fall 2016 in one of your colleges qualifying programs.Read More »

COLLEGE…How much will it cost?

For most students, going to college means taking out loans.  The amount you will need to borrow (and eventually pay back) will depend on a number of factors.


Are you…

  • Completing challenging high school courses?
  • Maintaining a high GPA?
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to earn free college credit, including AP, IB, or PSEO?
  • Involved in extracurriculars?
  • Taking on leadership positions?
  • Giving back to your community?
  • Applying for every scholarship you can get your hands on?

All of these factors will increase your chances of nailing scholarships and saving money down the road.

If you want a quick and effective way to research hundreds of scholarships, check out College Greenlight.  This online search engine is designed to connect first-generation students with legitimate scholarships.  It’s never too early to plan and research how you will pay for college.  Even freshmen and sophomores can set up a College Greenlight account today.

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