COLLEGE…How much will it cost?

For most students, going to college means taking out loans.  The amount you will need to borrow (and eventually pay back) will depend on a number of factors.


Are you…

  • Completing challenging high school courses?
  • Maintaining a high GPA?
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to earn free college credit, including AP, IB, or PSEO?
  • Involved in extracurriculars?
  • Taking on leadership positions?
  • Giving back to your community?
  • Applying for every scholarship you can get your hands on?

All of these factors will increase your chances of nailing scholarships and saving money down the road.

If you want a quick and effective way to research hundreds of scholarships, check out College Greenlight.  This online search engine is designed to connect first-generation students with legitimate scholarships.  It’s never too early to plan and research how you will pay for college.  Even freshmen and sophomores can set up a College Greenlight account today.

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Junior & Senior To-Do’s: The ACT

Seniors and juniors…ACT season is upon us!  Registration deadlines can easily sneak up on students.  Stay ahead by marking your calendars now with important 2015-16 ACT dates.

Before registering online, be sure to have an ACT waiver code on hand.  This will cover the entire cost of your test.  (An extra $56 in your pocket!)  All Upward Bound students have access to two waivers.  You can request a waiver code by emailing your advisor or by asking for one at tutoring.

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