Time Management Hacks for Tri 3!

New trimester, new start, new game plan!

Need some motivation to spring into timely action?  Perhaps this stare down from Einstein will help…

Definition of Insanity

If you want to see different grades on your trimester 3 transcripts, throw some new time management tricks into your bag!  We’ll help you get started…Read More »


COLLEGE…How much will it cost?

For most students, going to college means taking out loans.  The amount you will need to borrow (and eventually pay back) will depend on a number of factors.


Are you…

  • Completing challenging high school courses?
  • Maintaining a high GPA?
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to earn free college credit, including AP, IB, or PSEO?
  • Involved in extracurriculars?
  • Taking on leadership positions?
  • Giving back to your community?
  • Applying for every scholarship you can get your hands on?

All of these factors will increase your chances of nailing scholarships and saving money down the road.

If you want a quick and effective way to research hundreds of scholarships, check out College Greenlight.  This online search engine is designed to connect first-generation students with legitimate scholarships.  It’s never too early to plan and research how you will pay for college.  Even freshmen and sophomores can set up a College Greenlight account today.

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Junior & Senior To-Do’s: The ACT

Seniors and juniors…ACT season is upon us!  Registration deadlines can easily sneak up on students.  Stay ahead by marking your calendars now with important 2015-16 ACT dates.

Before registering online, be sure to have an ACT waiver code on hand.  This will cover the entire cost of your test.  (An extra $56 in your pocket!)  All Upward Bound students have access to two waivers.  You can request a waiver code by emailing your advisor or by asking for one at tutoring.

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