Student of the Trimester!

Congratulations everyone! ūüôā


Molleysa Yang
Spring Lake Park
Advisor: Barbara Yang

Molleysa has made many great contributions to Upward Bound. As a positive, hardworking senior and a PSEO student, Molleysa still makes time to be involved in our program by being a part of our Student Leadership Committee, coming to Saturday Sessions and taking advantage of workshops and other events that we have. Outside of Upward Bound, Molleysa is active in her community by being a part of the University of Minnesota’s multicultural program, MCAE and doing campus tours with K-8 students. Even with her busy schedule, Molleysa always find time to check in with me and constantly communicate with me to keep me updated, whether it is about school or Upward Bound. With Molleysa’s dedication and commitment to the program we are happy to have her as a part of Upward Bound.

JennyTam.pngJenny Tam
Park Center High School
Advisor: Ashley Allen

Jenny Tam’s junior year has been¬†packed with new experiences and accomplishments. ¬†Not only did Jenny dive into full-time PSEO at the U of M Twin Cities this year, but she has¬†also¬†mastered the¬†Minneapolis¬†public transportation.¬† Her confidence and independent spirit have truly taken her to¬†new places. Jenny is¬†also¬†working as a research assistant for the U of M’s ¬†Department of¬†Stem Cell Research. This is a¬†remarkable opportunity and¬†accomplishment for a college student, let alone¬†a junior in high school! While keeping up with¬†the rigor of college classes,¬†Jenny has also¬†remained committed to her¬†leadership positions within¬†several student organizations at Park Center.¬†¬†What really makes Jenny stand out as¬†a leader is her humility.¬† When Jenny goes for an opportunity, prestige and recognition are¬†never the end¬†goal. ¬†Jenny takes on¬†leadership positions as a way¬†to grow, become a better person, and to help others become their best as well. ¬†She holds strongly¬†to these values. ¬†It’s refreshing¬†to see how much Jenny¬†enjoys collaborating with others,¬†building them up, and watching the entire group succeed.¬†¬†I also appreciate Jenny’s efforts to keep¬†Upward Bound¬†a solid¬†priority. ¬†Every week on¬†Thursday mornings, Jenny shows up¬†to Park Center’s Career Resource Center¬†from¬†7:30am – 9:30am¬†to meet with me.¬†Jenny makes the time and sticks to her¬†commitments¬†– and it shows.¬†¬†We commend Jenny for her humility,¬†hard¬†work, stick-to-it attitude,¬†and determination to¬†give¬†her best every single day. ¬†We are really proud of you, Jenny!

Cindy VueIMG_20160405_155042
Anoka High School
Advisor:  Doug Comes

Ever since she started as a little baby freshman, Cindy has been an outstanding example of a rock solid Upward Bound student. ¬†Rarely missing a day of tutoring and attending every Saturday Session this year, Cindy has made Upward Bound a priority, and in the process she has made her education and her future a priority as well. ¬†Cindy takes advantage of the¬†resources Upward Bound¬†provides her and is always willing to help others in Upward Bound with what they’re working on. ¬†She is a welcoming presence, especially with new students and visitors, and it is because of students like Cindy¬†that we have such a strong community in Upward Bound at Anoka.

Sommer ThaoSommer Thao
Blaine High School
Advisor: Kyle Vadner

Sommer came into Upward Bound as a freshman. As an Upward Bound advisor there are some things we really appreciate seeing in students and one of them is commitment. I have come to expect to see Sommer at almost every tutoring session and she always comes in smiling. ¬†I have selected her for student of the Tri not just because of what she does in Upward Bound, but because of what she does outside of Upward Bound.¬†Talking with staff at the school, they all recognize Sommer as a leader and student that is willing to step up and help. While participating in other school activities that show case students talents and celebrate culture she has stepped up as a leader. Through this she has made great connections with staff and students at BHS; creating a strong support network that will be willing to stand behind her while she’s applying to schools.


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