Now Accepting Student Leadership Committee Applications

The school year is coming to a close, and I’m sure many of you already have your “days left of school” countdowns going.  With the end of the school year the Student Leadership Committee (SLC) will need a new crop of members for the next year.  The SLC is a vital part of Upward Bound.  The SLC coordinates the Talent and Multicultural Fashion Show, plans a complete Saturday Session, and leads other activities throughout the school year.  Even more, SLC members are called on to display the very best of our Upward Bound community by welcoming visitors and new students, having stellar attendance, and being a shining example of what we want all Upward Bound students to strive to be.  

We will again be selecting 8 SLC members from each of our Tutoring groups.  New this year, if there are any Tutoring groups with unfilled SLC spots, the Advisors will choose at-large SLC members from the pool of applicants we received to fill the vacancies.  For example, if Champlin Park does not have an SLC member then there will be one spot that can be filled by a student from the other high schools.

I highly encourage all students to consider applying for SLC.  By being selected to join Upward Bound you have already shown us that you have the qualities we look for in an SLC member.  This is a great opportunity to add to your resume and college applications, too.

Applications are due Friday, May 6!

Download the 2016-17 SLC Application here


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