Time Management Hacks for Tri 3!

New trimester, new start, new game plan!

Need some motivation to spring into timely action?  Perhaps this stare down from Einstein will help…

Definition of Insanity

If you want to see different grades on your trimester 3 transcripts, throw some new time management tricks into your bag!  We’ll help you get started…

Constantly distracted or procrastinating?

  • Check out 30/30.  It’s a free app with timers and prompts to keep you focused.  Learn how to balance homework and free time – because both are important!  As you alternate between homework and rewards, while also racing against the clock, you can train your brain to think of homework as a game.  Guys, this app is magical.  Try it out and watch yourself being productive AND having fun – without procrastinating!
  • The Pomodoro Technique can also do wonders for focus and productivity.  Just make sure you really stick to it if you want to see real results!

Looking for general productivity tips?

Juggling work and school? 

Surprised I haven’t mentioned planners yet? 🙂 

Wishing you a MOST productive trimester! 


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