Comparing your Financial Aid Awards

Seniors! It is almost that time where you will start receiving award letters from colleges. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and confusing seeing all those numbers .

Not sure what all those numbers mean? Or confused as to how much gift aid or loans colleges are giving you? Or you aren’t really sure what you’ll have to pay out of pocket?

Comparing Award ToolHere is a really cool tool that allows you to plug in the cost of attendance (COA) for each college, as well as how much gift aid, scholarships, work study and loans you were offered. After entering in all that information, you can then calculate to compare how much each college is giving you in terms of gift aid, loan and work study. As you can see in the picture to your right, you can enter information up to four different colleges.








Compare AwardOnce you’ve hit the calculate button, you will be redirected to another webpage that will look something like this. Your results will show percentages of awards that is gift aid, loans and work study. This allows you to compare each college with one another to determine which college has the better financial aid package.



You can find the Compare your Financial Aid Awards tool here:



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