Junior & Senior To-Do’s: The ACT

Seniors and juniors…ACT season is upon us!  Registration deadlines can easily sneak up on students.  Stay ahead by marking your calendars now with important 2015-16 ACT dates.

Before registering online, be sure to have an ACT waiver code on hand.  This will cover the entire cost of your test.  (An extra $56 in your pocket!)  All Upward Bound students have access to two waivers.  You can request a waiver code by emailing your advisor or by asking for one at tutoring.

Seniors…  If you’d like to retake the ACT, shoot for the October or December test dates – January at the latest.  This will allow colleges to view your updated test scores when you submit applications this fall/winter.

Juniors… You won’t be taking the ACT until April 9th.  (We will provide instructions for how to register later this fall.)  In the meantime, you can prepare by setting aside time each week to study.  ACT’s online sample questions are a great place to start.  We will also provide ACT books, ACT workshops, and two full practice tests this year to get you ready.


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